Tips for Buying a Used Car with a Cash Advance

If have recently gotten a cash advance and decided to put down a payment on a used car, now is a good time to get a good deal. Here are some tips for buying a used car so you can get the best bargain.

Get a Vehicle History Report
Most reputable used car dealers will readily offer you a vehicle history report when you buy a used car. These reports tell a great deal of information about the car, including its accident history, the number of owners, and other information that would be beneficial to help a buyer make a decision. If the dealership does not want to provide you with a vehicle history report, look for another dealer.

Get Pre-Approved
You will likely get a much better loan and interest rate from your bank or credit union than you will from the auto dealership. Before you even go shopping, get approved for a loan and then look for a vehicle within that price range.

Consider Private Sellers
You can almost always get a better deal from a private seller than a used car dealership. If you have the cash handy, many private sellers will come down drastically on the price. The sight of some hundred dollar bills being fanned on the hood will go a long way in convincing a private seller to let you take the car for a reduced price.

Know Your Credit History
Knowing your personal credit score and history will help reduce any chance of being surprised when you go to the dealership. Your credit score will play a role in getting approved, and it will play a role in qualifying you for the loan. By knowing your score, you can have a better idea about what your interest rate is going to be so you can negotiate the ideal price.


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