Chevrolet Orlando set to go on sale in Europe

Soon the Chevrolet Orlando will go on sale in Europe but not in the U.S. as reported again by our friends at We posted on this vehicle a few months back hoping the folks making the calls at GM would wisely reconsider selling the 3 row and hyper fuel efficient Orlando in the U.S., Canada and anywhere they can ship this vehicle. The Orlando is exactly the type of vehicle that GM should be designing for all the North American market regardless of what other current offering they have. Nothing, I repeat nothing in their stable is a direct competitor with this product. The Traverse offers 3 rows but is much larger and consumes way more fuel than the Orlando and the Equinox only offers 2 rows. A current design with 3 rows and great fuel economy is what many consumers are looking for in this market.

Precisely two years after its debut at the 2008 Paris show in concept form, the production-ready Chevrolet Orlando will bow at this year’s Paris auto show. It will go on sale across Europe early next year. Despite earlier confirmation that the Orlando was destined for the U.S., GM has since decided the Orlando will not be sold here.

The Orlando is a seven-seat mini-minivan based on an elongated version of the Chevrolet Cruze’s platform. It’s easy to see similarities to the Cruze in the bold front grille with massive Chevy bowtie, although the rest of the vehicle diverges, especially the upswept beltline and subtly sloped roof. Wheel sizes will range from 16 to 18 inches.

It will be sold with a choice of three engines: a 141-hp, 1.8-liter gasoline four-cylinder; a 131-hp, 2.0-liter diesel; and a 163-hp, 2.0-liter diesel. Standard equipment includes stability control, six airbags, air conditioning, power mirrors, and a USB audio input.

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Ford Transit Connect and E-Series Vans join Best Buy Geek Squad fleet

Check out what’s new to Best Buy’s Geek Squad fleet:

– The Ford Transit Connect and Ford E-Series vans are joining Geek Squad as part of Best Buy’s ongoing efforts to build a more fuel-efficient fleet

– 290 Ford Transit Connect compact utility vans will be used instead of larger cargo vans by Geek Squad technicians who service home appliances

– Best Buy also is taking delivery of 738 Ford E-Series vans, which will be used by Geek Squad technicians who install and service home theater equipment; the E-Series vans have smaller displacement engines, which provide better fuel economy than their current vans with larger engines

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2011 Ford Edge Review

The car staff recently reviewed the 2011 Ford Edge and this is what they had to say:

The crossover market continues to grow rapidly, and Ford will be poised to capitalize on that trend with the 2011 Ford Edge. The original Edge was a hit for Ford partly due to its aggressive and distinctive styling, and the new 2011 model features a larger and bolder front grille that suits the vehicle nicely. Plus, a new Sport edition will give the guys something to get excited about with the Tuxedo Black grille and the 22-inch wheels that you won’t find anywhere else in this class. The new Edge is also the first Ford model to feature Ford’s new MyFord Touch system, which highlights Ford’s aggressive strategy to leverage technology and the Internet to make the driving experience safer and more integrated with the gadgets you use in everyday life.

We were invited to drive the new Edge in and around Nashville, and the route selected by Ford offered a nice opportunity to test the handling and performance of the vehicle with winding roads through the beautiful hills and woods of Tennessee. We were impressed with both the Limited version and the new Edge Sport . Both offered impressive handling and acceptable acceleration. Each version offers a very comfortable ride that will appeal to buyers in this category, and the ride on the Sport was tighter with a noticeable improvement in performance. The Edge Sport in particular handled curves and turns very well, so this model should appeal to guys looking for more performance that complements the more aggressive styling.

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Mega coverage of the Woodward Dream Cruise

Our friends at did us all a favor and covered the Woodward Dream Cruise in full force! Check out these great pics of muscle cars, classic cars and just about anything you might see on wheels. This is a long tradition that was in need of a comeback year and it looks like Woodward is back! The 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is one of my favorites.

Every year, the muscle car is the most well-represented vehicle type at the Woodward Dream Cruise. And with good reason: These burly V8-powered steeds reinforce Detroit’s legend as the Motor City.

As we discussed in our post on Woodward’s classic cars, we’ve kinda sorta arbitrarily split American automotive history into two parts, using 1964 as the dividing line. Everything post-1964 is a muscle car… at least for our purposes. With that in mind, take a look at a bunch of classic Mustangs, Chevelles, Corvettes and, of course, Pontiac GTOs in our high-res image gallery below.

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Cruze makes its own music

Here is a video we found featuring the new Chevrolet (can we still say “Chevy”?) Cruze with the car making it’s own music. The article is more about marketing but I was trying to check out the Cruze more than anything else in this catchy video. A lot of cues from the Malibu here and I must say it’s a pretty sharp looking ride. The Cruze is a big deal for GM so I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of this car in the coming months.

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