More Cadillac SRXs on the way?

Between new Cadillac dealers coming back online and strong sales GM will be building more Cadillac SRXs. I can say that of all of the SUV’s on the road today that the SRX is one of the best looking and right sized of them all. Cadillac got it right on the SRX and since it is still a relatively new design (launched last summer) this should turn into a solid profit center for The General.


DETROIT — General Motors Co. is planning to make more Cadillac SRX crossovers, in part to supply reinstated franchises, a Cadillac executive said Tuesday.

“We have some plans to increase production, but probably not till the fourth quarter,” said Kurt McNeil, Cadillac’s U.S. sales chief, in an interview.

About 500 former wind-down Cadillac franchises are rejoining the fold this summer via reinstatement or arbitration after being prohibited from ordering new vehicles for about a year. GM’s need to restock their lots and the expectation of growth in U.S. light-vehicle demand figure in to the automaker’s plan to increase production.

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