Mercedes Benz gearing up for 2010 World Cup

With the 2010 World Cup just days away from starting, Mercedes Benz is getting ready for a massive marketing campaign. CEO Dieter Zetsche is betting big on a Germany victory and the real winners will be German car customers. If Germany walks away as champions, German car buyers can save as much as $3,000. Many feel this is also an important move by Daimler Benz to draw younger buyers into Mercedes dealerships as some feel they need to jump start it’s image at home an abroad. Furthermore, Mercedes is also offering zero-percent financing under the “dream selection” program, which includes the compact A- and B- class models and the GLK SUV.


BERLIN (Bloomberg) — Daimler AG CEO Dieter Zetsche isn’t just supporting Germany’s soccer team when it takes the field for the World Cup. He’s also betting on a victory for his Mercedes-Benz luxury brand.

Zetsche is rolling out discounts and cut-rate financing packages in Germany as part of its most extensive promotion in 20 years for soccer’s biggest event, while competitors BMW AG and Volkswagen AG’s Audi balk at tournament-specific incentives.

A discount of as much as 2,050 euros ($2,493) is available on the 38,000-euro SLK roadster, and the savings rise if Germany wins the competition, which kicks off June 11 in South Africa. The deals reflect the carmaker’s need to broaden its appeal, whose drivers are about a decade older than Audi and BMW owners, according to market researcher Sinus Sociovision.

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