Could new Range Rover be the most luxurious SUV ever?

Once the Range Rover Design Q of England was finished with this already luxurious vehicle, it left with a drink chiller, cigar humidor, mini-spa center, elevated roof and a step through door. This Range Rover takes the good life to a whole new level.


The whole term of VIP has really progressed over the last few decades. When it comes to automotive, there’s an entire VIP trend that outfits cars with a low-to-the-ground ride height and wildly aggressive wheels that poke beyond the fenders. This style, extremely popular in Japan, normally sees outfitted black vehicles with dark tint and even embroidered shades to conceal what’s inside.

But hey, if you’re out in the Middle East, VIP isn’t low to the ground or with privacy. VIP in the Middle East is taking a Range Rover and giving it wings, without the Red Bull. Design Q, a firm based in England, has done quite possibly the most outlandish luxury embellishment to a vehicle to date.

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