Canada 411, the Net’s Best Search Directory

Canada 411 is an online directory service that works with approximately 2 million site visitors, every month. This directory service helps visitors find accurate information about businesses and/or people whether they down the street or across the country.

Canada 411’s directory is gathered from many diverse sources with some of the best search tools available. This combination enables the site to deliver outstanding results, not only quickly but also efficiently.

This company works with other leading and well-known companies, like Google, to deliver the most correct directions; maps are even provided.

Through cost-effective advertising programs that help create high business profiles and better sales, Canada 411 gives a hand to businesses, large or small, and helps them to generate sales and customers. Currently the site features over 1.5 million local business listings. Businesses that advertise on the site can tell consumers their stories through a combination of detailed profile information, and video. Advertisers also have a huge increase in customers and leads because of the 2 million searches per month.

The site also offers a free U.S. business and people search, while also giving Canadians fast and easy service.
An exciting aspect of Canada 411 is the addition of a new partnership with a group called Pivotal Payments, a leading provider of seller services. Not only does this allow many ways for customers to save, when dealing with one of the many businesses aligned with Canada 411, but Pivotal also gives a special promotional offer for all businesses advertising on the site. Since over two million Canadians use the website in a month, it usually generates about 13 million dollars for local merchants in that same month.

Over-all, Canada 411 is good for customers and good for businesses. In today’s world, that’s called a win/win.


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