Cadillac Converj Rises From The Dead at Beijing Auto Show

Is it or isn’t it? Rumors were strong and and judgment passed that the Cadillac Converj was dead and now it shows up in Beijing. That’s right the Cadillac Converj is back into the “still kicking” mode and just might see an assembly line one day in the future. GM needs to build this vehicle as it is one of the sleekest cars on the circuit.


Cadillac’s Converj electric car, reported to be dead, has made an appearance at his year’s Beijing Auto Show, sparking speculation that the opulent alternative fuel vehicle is still alive and kicking.

The Converj, which mates the Chevrolet Volt’s electric powertrain with the features and amenities of a Cadillac, can travel about 40 miles on electric power alone, and then uses a gasoline motor for propulsion. The car can be plugged in to recharge its batteries as well. And did we mention it looks awesome?

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