Prius Minivan approved for launch in 2011

Word out here, is that Toyota will launch a 2011 Prius Minivan and guess what? It will be great on gas or electric or both and will probably be a solid seller for Toyota. The Prius has had it’s share of problems recently but the brand is still very strong and Toyota has plans to capitalize on that success.


According to Reuters, The Nikkei is reporting that Toyota has approved a “competitively priced Prius hybrid minivan” for production in 2011. The new model will be the first Prius-branded vehicle in a long-rumored campaign by Toyota to stretch the nameplate to new models (future additions to the Prius line could include a compact model, based on the FT-CH concept). Depending on the timing of its release relative to the forthcoming plug-in Prius, it could also be the first lithium-ion battery-powered Toyota hybrid. Toyota will initially produce the new batteries in-house, before migrating production to a plant run by its joint venture with Panasonic. Toyota has not yet given details about pricing, performance, or even which markets this new minivan will initially be rolled out to.

Read the full article here.


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