Road Test: 2011 Ford Mustang V6

Car and Driver takes the 2011 Mustang V-6 (which has a 305hp engine) out for a spin. Alot of fine tuning and changes were put into this Mustang. Find out what Car and Driver thinks of this new Stang!

From Car and Driver:

Although most of the hubbub surrounding the 2011 Ford Mustang is centered on the GT’s fantastic new 412-hp, 5.0-liter V-8—our test of which you can read here—Ford made damn sure not to forget about the volume V-6 model, which now sports a high-tech 305-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 as standard equipment. Yes, 305 ponies in a base Mustang, or just 10 fewer than in last year’s GT. Given that our last test of Ford’s standard pony car left us about as warm as a dip in a frozen lake, we tempered our enthusiasm when sliding behind the wheel of this new one. Lucky for us—and for all Mustang fanatics—Ford did its homework. The 2011 Mustang V-6 is an astonishingly good car.

Read the full article here.


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