Chrysler to Sell Electric Fiat 500 in U.S. beginning in 2012

Fiat will sell an all electric 500 in the U.S. starting in 2012. I will have to say that if the 500 has a good launch in the states later this year and follows with the electric version in 2012 this car will be a formidable player in the small car segment. It will go from being a relative unknown in the U.S. to a major player very quickly.

From Car and

After showing a “design study” of an electrified Fiat 500 at this year’s Detroit auto show, Chrysler is confirming its plans to develop and market a battery-electric 500 for U.S. consumption beginning in 2012.

Chrysler and Fiat have previously said that the Americans will handle the electric vehicles for the allied partnership, and this 500EV will be the first EV from the companies. Before the two tied up, Chrysler had planned to build a whole roster of electric vehicles, beginning in 2010. Bankruptcy intervened and that plan appears to have changed.

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