Ford’s Police Interceptor more durable than Crown Vic?

The highly anticipated (in jails and FOP lodges around the country) “Police Interceptor” from Ford has finally been uncovered! That is one tough looking Cruiser and it comes with an optional AWD with 365 horsepower.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Ford introduced its all-new Police Interceptor to a crowd of law enforcement officials today at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas and said it is developing a new sport utility-based police vehicle that it will unveil later this year.

The new Police Interceptor that Ford introduced today will replace the company’s iconic Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which has dominated police car sales for years.

Ford said the new vehicle is more durable and performs better than the outgoing Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. The new car is based on the same structure as the Ford Taurus full-size sedan and will be built at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant.

Read the full article here.


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