LTE connected cars – the future of 4G and cloud

Leather seats and sunroofs are going to be things of the past. With the LTE Connected cars, people will look for high bandwidth, high speed networking that transforms the car experience for passengers and the driver.

The LTE Cars will offer cloud-based applications to the users that will allow them to access navigation, entertainment, and many other facilities with a simple touch. You connect mobile telephony to automobile, and the result is an LTE connected car. It is the new era of cars and cell phones. Those days are long gone, when phones were primarily used to call people. With the advent of higher technologies, calling people has become a secondary function of the phones.

This new concept is starting with Toyota Prius as the prototype. This car will have 4G mobile broadband connectivity, in conjunction with cloud facilities, like online gaming, audio libraries, GPS navigation, and video on-demand.

These cars have touch screens that offer access to many applications that you can use. They have proved that cell phones are not just phones anymore- they have been integrated into cars, and turned cars into a mobile-car hybrid.

These cars will change the way you drive, by providing you real time traffic information, updates on weather, construction, car health information, and much more. They are built with high computing power platform. You can access all social media inside the car. You can play games inside your car-with co-passengers, or with people around the world! You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows inside the car. This car will revolutionize your driving experience.


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