Alfa Romeo Giulietta continues the Italian dream

Will the Alfa Romeo Giulietta make it to the US after it’s global launch in May? At this point there is no word of it’s arrival in the US but the Giulietta being shown in Geneva is garnering rave reviews!

Casting a red glow in the middle of the Geneva auto show, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta marked 100 years of the iconic Italian brand in fitting fashion.

The silky five-door hatch was revealed this week at the show and comes in five versions, topped by 235-hp variant. It goes on sale around the world (but unfortunately not in the United States) in May.

The Giulietta is the spiritual successor to a model bearing the same name from the 1950s. That car is often described as an image-maker for Alfa, and it instilled lust in the hearts of enthusiasts the world over.

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