J.D. Power study releases a few surprises

Find out which brands have the most customer-friendly dealerships and which brands bombed in this J.D. Power study. Each year they churn out what is known as the Customer Service Index. We were somewhat surprised with a few of the findings.

Editorial News.com:

In extolling the wonders of new cars, we sometimes forget about the importance of the role the dealership can play after the sale. Getting a quick service appointment, having the work done right and on time, with as little stress and as few surprises as possible — all are the hallmarks of a dealer worth keeping.

Every year, J.D. Power and Associates surveys owners about how happy they are with their dealership, and the results become the Customer Service Index. And in the 2010 survey, which polled 114,000 owners between October and December of last year, some bad news for dealers was sandwiched into the usual reports for owners: The big drop in new-car sales almost surely means fewer service visits to dealers, and service operations are even more the lifeblood of such operations when sales go bad. J.D. Power projects that parts-and-service revenues at dealers will fall 20 percent, bottoming out in 2013.

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