Ford passing Toyota in U.S.

With all of Toyota’s current problems, projections for 2010 are tilting towards Ford Motor Company retaking the #2 spot in the US for sales with GM currently retaining the #1 spot. This could be a big blow to Toyota as for years they just kept of trucking along towards the #1 position but it looks like the faulty gas acceleration problem is torching their plans and the bleeding hasn’t stopped.

It is truly amazing that one year after Ford was on the brink of disaster, the blue oval is now the darling of the US auto market. Hint to Ford: Learn from Toyota’s mistakes. One more hint: Toyota won’t take this laying down and will come back with a vengeance and big time product to get back on track.


According to a report by auto research website, Ford Motor Co. (F – Analyst Report) has become the second-biggest automaker in the U.S. behind General Motors. With this, Ford has overtaken Toyota Motor Corp. (TM – Analyst Report) in the wake of Toyota’s damaging parade of recalls.

According to the website, Toyota is expected to lose more than 1 percentage point of the U.S. market share to hit 16.45% in 2010 due to its global recall of 8.5 million vehicles related to their problem accelerator gas pedals and braking systems. Meanwhile, Ford is expected to achieve 16.57% of the market in the year following General Motors with 18.12% of the market.

Read the full article here.

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