GM brings 1,000 jobs

A bit of good news coming to Lansing Delta Township, as GM will bring in 1,000 jobs at the assembly plant. This will ramp up the plant to three shifts Monday through Friday. Maybe GM knows something about the economy and maybe it’s good? Either way it’s an aggressive move that will add to the local economy immediately!

From the Detroit News:

Delta Township — In a throwback to an era when auto plant jobs made Michigan a land of riches, General Motors Co. intends to run its Lansing Delta Township plant day and night, Monday through Friday. GM, which plans to add a third shift at two other U.S. plants, contends it’s a bold step in efficiency; some analysts say it’s a risky move.

Regardless, the hiring of up to 1,000 workers for a late-night shift has created a minor boom in an area long battered by plant closings and job losses. The addition of a third shift in April will include 483 transplants from GM’s Spring Hill, Tenn., assembly plant, which ended production in November.

Read the full article here.

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