End of the line for Pontiac

For anyone who grew up driving with their family in a Catalina or lusting after a TransAm, the end of the road for Pontiac is a sad affair. Let’s hope the New GM is making the right call here!

From the Detroit News:

The ride is over for the brand that put rolling excitement on the road for generations of Americans.

General Motors Co. built the last Pontiac for the U.S. market Wednesday: a white, G6 sedan that rolled off the assembly line in Orion Township around 12:45 p.m. You can bet the major used auto parts providers will be shoring up their Pontiac inventory over the next several weeks.

There was no cake or commemorative banner or senior GM official on hand, and no media were allowed: just a group of “final process” workers to oversee the last 100 G6 models assembled.

“We’re focused on a quality build-out for the customer,” said GM spokesman Kevin Nadrowski.

Many workers stopped to pose for photos with the last cars as they moved down the assembly line.

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