New engine for 2011 Mustang will be built in Ohio


The pony car wars are heating up! The Camaro has been outselling the Mustang recently, but the new 2011 Mustang will be getting a nice engine upgrade from Ford’s Brook Park plant in Ohio.

Ford Motor Co. will make a new 3.7-liter V-6 engine for the popular Mustang sports car at Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1 in Brook Park next year, replacing an engine built in Germany.

The new engine, similar to one built in Lima for use in the Lincoln MKS luxury car, should go into production next year to be ready for 2011 Mustang production, said Mark Payne, vice president of the United Auto Workers Local 1250 in Brook Park.

Ford says the new engine will be more fuel-efficient and more powerful than the 4-liter V-6 it replaces. That engine, built in Cologne, Germany, produces 210 horsepower and gets 26 mpg on the highway. The upcoming 3.7-liter engine produces 305 horsepower and should get up to 30 mpg on the highway. Those power numbers are only a little bit shy of the 4.6-liter V-8 now offered in the Mustang.

“Mustang is completely transformed with this new engine,” Ford product development chief Derrick Kuzak said in a news release. “Everything people love about the car is still there, and now under the hood is a V-6 engine that uses premium technology to deliver the power, the feel, the fuel efficiency, even the sound of the best sports coupes in the world.”

Ford will showcase the 2011 Mustang this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Photos from the 2009 SEMA car show

sub5zero has tons of great photos from the 2009 SEMA car show, including tons of booth babes! Here we have two lovely ladies posing in front of a souped up white BMW.


Check out the SpeedART Porsche Panamera PS9-650

At DBN we are crazy about the new Porsche Panamera!

When we saw this SpeedART Porsche Panamera PS9-650 showing it’s stuff at the Essen Motor Show (courtesy of we had to share it with our friends here.

Enjoy this 650hp luxurious machine!

The 2009 Essen Motor Show kicked off today and runs until December 6th. This event is one of the best opportunities to see the top tuners in the world showcase their skill and vision. SpeedART is a high-end Porsche customization shop that’s hoping to wow the crowds this year with their Porsche Panamera Turbo PS9-650 tuning package. As the name suggests, this upgraded super-sedan will have access to 650 hp by way of bigger turbos and intercoolers, a sports air filter, sport exhaust system, sport catalytic converters and a reworked ECU.

Check out the entire article here.

GM to show Cruze moblie at LA Show

GM will be showing the public it’s soon-to-be-launched Cruze mobile at the LA show this week. This car will actually get 40 mpg which is very impressive for a car to be on the road in 2010. We have not driven this car yet but I have to say the initial photos of the interior are pretty impressive.

From Detroit News:

General Motors Co. will get small-car serious at the Los Angeles Auto Show when it takes the wraps off the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze.

The Cruze, which will arrive in the third quarter of next year as the replacement for the Chevy Cobalt, will feature small, efficient engines and a six-speed transmission that will help it achieve up to 40 mpg on the highway. It could have a range of up to 600 miles.

The five-passenger Cruze debuted in Europe and Asia this year. GM will build the U.S. Cruze in Lordstown, Ohio.

“The amenities, quietness and roominess you expect in larger cars are what the Cruze delivers,” said Margaret Brooks, Chevrolet product marketing manager. “This is a car that will shake up the compact segment, with a more spacious interior and more cargo room than the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.”

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VW to invest $3.5 billion in Brazil

The greatest story never told is gaining more steam going into the next decade. VW will invest $3.5 billion in Brazil. Steadily, VW is turning into the next measuring stick in the auto business.

From the Detroit News:

Germany’s Volkswagen AG today announced plans to invest $3.5 billion in Brazil and said it hopes to be building a million vehicles a year in the country by 2014.

Volkswagen said the planned investment through 2014 is aimed at increasing production capacity and developing new models. It expects to produce some 800,000 vehicles in the South American country this year.

VW, based in Wolfsburg and Europe’s biggest auto maker, said it will expand production capacity at its Anchieta and Taubate vehicle production plants and at an engine plant in Sao Carlos.

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Photo from fOTOGLIF

VW bringing 170 mpg concept to LA Auto Show

One-hundred seventy mpg? Now were talking. This concept from VW may look a little strange but it is rumored to be going into production sometime in 2013. What the final production version will look like is still years away but if it keeps the mpg’s around 170 bring it on!


As amazing as the 71-mpg Polo BlueMotion model is that Volkswagen plans to show at the LA Auto Show next week, the German automaker will also show another fuel-efficient vehicle that gets more than double that car’s mpg rating.

Called the L1 Concept, this tiny two seater uses just 1.38 liters of diesel per 100 km – that’s 170 mpg! All that efficiency comes from an 800cc diesel motor mated to a hybrid drivetrain and a seven-speed DSG transmission. It makes 27hp in ECO mode and 39hp in a more powerful mode. Torque is rated at 74 ft-lbs.

The engine is then wrapped in a light-weight carbon fiber body, in a two seater arrangement with the passenger sitting behind the driver. The L1 weighs only 838 lbs and has a drag coefficient of just 0.195 cd.

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End of the line for Pontiac

For anyone who grew up driving with their family in a Catalina or lusting after a TransAm, the end of the road for Pontiac is a sad affair. Let’s hope the New GM is making the right call here!

From the Detroit News:

The ride is over for the brand that put rolling excitement on the road for generations of Americans.

General Motors Co. built the last Pontiac for the U.S. market Wednesday: a white, G6 sedan that rolled off the assembly line in Orion Township around 12:45 p.m. You can bet the major used auto parts providers will be shoring up their Pontiac inventory over the next several weeks.

There was no cake or commemorative banner or senior GM official on hand, and no media were allowed: just a group of “final process” workers to oversee the last 100 G6 models assembled.

“We’re focused on a quality build-out for the customer,” said GM spokesman Kevin Nadrowski.

Many workers stopped to pose for photos with the last cars as they moved down the assembly line.

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Something different with Chrysler

Even though the new product is still 12 months away you can feel something different already with Chrysler.

The new ads you see on T.V. for the Ram trucks, the optimism from Marchionne and the hope for survival! Can they pull this thing off? Don’t know the answer to that question but Marchionne appears geared up to give it one heck of a try.

From the Detroit News:

Chrysler Group LLC survived bankruptcy but the success of its strategy now hinges on convincing consumers to buy its cars and trucks in the critical next 12 months.

That’s a significant hurdle given that most upgrades to Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models are a year away.

Still, the Auburn Hills automaker is lucky to be in business a year after seeking a government bailout and being pushed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy by the Obama administration. It has a new name, a new partnership with Italy’s Fiat SpA, new management and a new way of developing, manufacturing and selling vehicles that top executives say will help restore profits by 2011.

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Car and Driver releases their 2010 – 10 Best Cars

Give Car and Driver credit for driving and testing a slew of cars to come up with the winners. It would suck not to have a car on the list if you’re Toyota! At this point in time they seem to be falling back in the pack when others like Ford, Mazda and VW keep climbing.

nullThis year, for the 28th running of our annual 10Best competition, the rules were simple. First, we raised the price cap from $71,000 to $80,000 (roughly three times the average transaction price of a new car) in the belief that 80 grand is the current point of automotive excellence’s diminishing returns. Cars get more expensive than that, but they don’t get much better. More important, raising the cap makes eligible nominees in two other vital categories: luxo-sport GTs and luxury sedans. Never mind that only two new cars qualified (and one was about to be replaced in a few months, so we left it out).

Read the entire article here.

Experience the new Michelin LTX M/S2 with Ronnie Lott

What the common driver knows about tires could probably fill a napkin on one side: They’re round, black and you need four of them to make a car function.

But what the common driver doesn’t know about tires is what could save him or her in the long run. We’re talking both financially and in terms of safety for themselves and their passengers.

The Setup

When Michelin asked us to take part in an event to learn and test the new LTX M/S2 tires, we jumped at the opportunity. The original LTX M/S tire has been a long-time consumer favorite of Michelin’s and has remained at the top of its category for years. So we knew that if the company was going to expand and improve on the LTX M/S, then they had to be introducing a quality product.

For the event, Michelin sent me (along with several media members) to North Carolina and South Carolina for a complete presentation on the LTX M/S2 tire. And since the company stands by what they believe in, they also allowed us to take a three-hour drive through the winding hills of the Carolinas and also complete a series of field tests that weren’t just informative, but incredibly enjoyable as well.

Did I mention former NFL and Hall of Fame great Ronnie Lott was going to be there to lend his expertise on the LTX M/S2 tire, too?

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