Tesla sticking with laptop battery cells


Tesla will not make any immediate changes to the battery for it’s new sedan.

Large format battery cells will slowly gain a foothold on the automotive EV market in the coming years. Companies such as LG Chem, A123 Systems, and EnerDel have been hard at work developing the large format automotive specific batteries, but Tesla still insists that the laptop format, as used in their Roadster, is the best thing going right now.

According to Tesla, the laptop battery offers proven performance at an affordable price. With mass production of this type of battery ongoing for several decades now, the technology has advanced beyond that of current large format batteries. As Tesla has indicated, the mass economies that surround laptop batteries have increased competition, driven technological advances, and reduced prices making them perfectly suitable for cars.

Tesla recently received a loan from the federal government, and it will be interesting to see how he battery issue plays out over time.

Tesla Motors, an electric-car company in California that sells a high-end roadster, will use some of $465 million in loans now to build a plant in Southern California to make its new Model S sedan. The rest will be used later for a plant in Northern California to make battery packs and electric drivetrains to be used in other carmakers’ vehicles.


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