Top Ten Mustangs?

It’s hard to imagine any Top 10 list that includes the Mustang II, but here it is on MSN’s new list of Mustang Mania.

1974 Mustang II
Today, this vehicle is universally detested by Mustang enthusiasts. As a performance car, it was a thorough disappointment. But then, the mid-’70s was an era of fuel shortages, vapid disco music and cars gone sad because manufacturers were struggling to meet new emission regulations. Therefore, the Mustang II was designed to be light, approachable and relatively fuel-efficient. The formula worked, at least at first; the 1974 model sold more than 322,000 copies — good enough for fourth on the Mustang annual sales chart. More importantly, the Mustang II was good enough to keep the Mustang brand alive during a dismal period in America’s automotive history.

A couple of points should be clarified. First, disco didn’t become the rage till Saturday Night Fever hit in 1977. As for the lack of power, that was true, though I had one of these cars, and the previous owner had dropped a much more powerful engine in the vehicle, so that Mustang rocked. It was also bright red, so it looked much better than the ugly version shown above.

That said, the feature has some great photos of classic Mustangs, so check it out.


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