Honda’s Hydrogen Powered Sports Car

Cool stuff.

Honda has made quite a splash with its new concept car revealed at the LA Auto Show.

When it comes to green motoring, the Toyota Prius might well be a desirable road-bound alternative to regular petrol guzzlers, but it hardly sells its ecological worth alongside drool-worthy automotive sex appeal – which is where Honda’s new environmentally-friendly supercar screeches into view.

Currently only in the concept stage, which suggests it might never make the leap into mass production, Honda’s recently unveiled FC Sport Design Study couples sleek aesthetics with the promise of environmental consideration thanks to the inclusion of zero-emission engineering.

The Japanese manufacturer used this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show to roll out its ambitious hydrogen-powered three seater, which builds on the V Flow fuel cell (FC) technology already available to eco-conscious Honda drivers via the existing FCX Clarity.


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