New Peugeot 108 review

The Peugeot 107 and its sister cars the Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1 were fantastic city cars for first-time drivers and downsizers. The low entry prices, keen three-cylinder engine and fun chassis sold the car well and even now years after they first came out they still feel rock solid. Replacing the 107 then is no easy task.

As is the way with the automotive industry, it has to be replaced though, and the new version is going to be called the 108. So, what’s it like?

The first thing you notice about the 108 is that it’s radically different to the 107 in design. This is still one of the shortest and lightest cars in the super mini class, although it is longer than the 107, to add extra boot space (the 108 has a 197-litre boot, the 107 a 139-litre boot) and rear leg room. Like the 107, the 108 will be rebranded as a Citroen and Toyota, but as before, it will be the Peugeot that offers the best deals such as those from Bristol Street Motors.

The new styling includes LED daytime running lights as standard, alloy wheels, sporty bumpers all round and chrome detailing on the bottom bumper air vents.

The new 108 will also be available as a three-door and five-door. Both with share the exact same dimensions, although the five-door version will be around 5kg heavier.

Unlike in the 107 range, there will be two engines to choose from in the 108, a 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit and a 1.2-litre unit. Both are petrol powered and Peugeot have worked hard to ensure that they are smoother and more economical than before. The 1.0-litre engine is the same as before but has been modified for less friction to reduce thermal properties.

No diesel engines will be available at launch, although a 1.3-litre diesel would suit the character of this car in my opinion.
In terms of equipment, the 108 will be more technologically capable than the 107. For the first time sat nav will be an optional extra and automatic headlights and wipers are on the card too.

Driving wise, Peugeot have said that the 108 maintains the playful character of the 107, yet delivers a more grown up and refined experience. In other words, the 108 will have go-kart handling characteristics but be quieter and smoother on the motorway and on uneven surfaces. This, I expect, will be a welcome improvement for owners of the 107.


Used Peugeot (click here) have always been a good buy and the 108 looks like it will be too. New pricing has not yet been announced but you can expect the entry-level car to dip under the £10,000 mark, as this is what made the older version so accessible. It is this accessibility which will drive sales and so if Peugeot can get the equipment levels right and avoid any new engine issues and recalls like some manufacturers (ahem, Porsche), Peugeot, Citroen, and Toyota could be on to another winner.

Obamacare may lower car insurance rates


Car insurance companies pay out quite a bit in damages for injuries when the injured are covered by health insurance. Now, with millions more getting coverage through Obamacare and expanded Medicaid, those potential liabilities will likely go down, and then that could have a positive impact on car insurance rates over time. This new dynamic is analyzed in a new study from the Rand Corporation.

Volvo Concept Estate overview

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show has introduced some of the greatest cars we’ve ever seen this year. The Audi RS6-R Avant, Alfa Romeo 4C Targa, Audi S1, Audi TT, and Bentley Continental Flying Spur V8 are just a few examples.

But not all of the best cars were super fast or super engineered. No, some of the best cars were humble estates.

Take the Volvo Concept Estate, as an example. This is perhaps the best looking car to be unveiled, yet it’s a family car, designed for safety and comfort, not outright speed. Who would have thought that an environmentally conscious and safety conscious automotive manufacturer could have drawn the biggest crowds.

Well, they did. With a design inspired by 1960s cars, the Estate Concept from Volvo is utterly gorgeous.

Powerful yet feminine, the car resembles the old 1800 ES without being a complete rip off. The car is an estate at heart, but it’s only got three doors. It’s more of a coupe, and with huge wheels and wide arches, it’s among the sportiest cars of its type we’ve ever seen. In fact, the only car that comes close to challenging the looks of this is the F-Type Coupe, and that’s very high praise indeed.

Inside, the Concept Estate is as minimal as you would expect a Volvo to be. It still features Volvo’s trademark floating dash, but this is dominated by an iPad-like touch panel, and the materials themselves are lighter than you’ll find in current cars. In other words, this a more playful Volvo, that will appeal as much to female drivers as it will male. The interior is trimmed with tactile materials like woven wool carpets, tanned saddle leather, aged wood, and aluminium – it is all very Volvo, and all very Swedish.

The touch screen interface itself has had a lot of work, according to Volvo. “It is fine for an ordinary tablet to compete for your full attention, but a touch screen in a car is very different,” says Thomas Ingenlath, senior vice president of design at Volvo. “Information must be clear and user-friendly, without turning up the visual volume so much that you risk losing focus on the road.”

As such, the Volvo Concept Estate would have an advanced voice command system, not unlike Siri in CarPlay, an upcoming technology that’ll find its way into Volvo cars soon. This is obvious when you look inside the car, which is devoid of almost all buttons, save for the usual array of switchgear. Essentially, where a button would control some form of media before, it has been replaced with a voice command or touch screen command.

Vertu Cars was gob smacked by the beauty of the Concept Estate. It is so futuristic, yet it is easy to that design inspiration from 1960s cars. In a word, the Concept is beautiful.

Although this car will not make production, many of its design elements will in other cars. It’ll be interesting to see which ones.

Idiot takes baseball bat to his own Ferrari

FOX 10 News |

Based on previous reports of his bizzare and abusive behavior, most people already thought Richie Incognito was an idiot. Now that he’s admitted beating up his own Ferrari with a baseball bat, he’s confirmed it.

Jeff Gordon pranks Jalopnik writer

This is what you get when you question jeff Gordon’s Pepsi Max prank. You get pranked as well!

How to Maximize the Trade-In Value of Your Car

1 2012 Cadillac SRX Premium

When trading in your old car for a different one you will want to get the best deal that you can for your old car. This means that you will want to have your old car looking as slick as possible, so you will need to get it looking as-new, or as close as you can to it. The more work you put in to getting it looking great will be money in the bank for you in the form of the trade-in figure, so it’s worth taking the time to pay attention to the fine details. Here are some things to do to make sure that your car is looking at its best.

Clean it Thoroughly Inside

For the inside of your car you will want to pay extra attention to detail. If you can afford it, it’s a really good idea to get it professionally detailed. This means that they will vacuum it, clean the windows, wipe all the surfaces, apply Armor All to the front dash, and generally get it looking as close to a new car as it can be. It’s amazing how much difference it makes to do the inside of your car thoroughly!

Clean it Thoroughly on the Outside

While you are at it, it’s really important to give the car a really good clean on the outside as well. Make sure you pay attention to all the small areas such as the mirrors, around the undersides and the wheels. There is no point having a great looking car on the inside and having left parts out of the outside.

Replace Broken Parts

As best you can, replace any small broken parts such as screws that are missing on the sun visor, buttons that might have fallen off or broken, fuses and make sure that the seat belts are all in good condition. You may find that you can get small parts from the wreckers at a cheaper cost than if you went to the cars manufacturer. Sometimes it can be these small things that make a difference as to how someone views your car. Paying attention to detail in the small areas shows that you are a person who looks after things, and will make a good impression on the evaluation of the whole car.

Get Small Dents Removed

If there are any small dents on your car it’s a good idea to try and have them smoothed out before you try and trade it in. These small dents, though insignificant to the running of the vehicle could lose you a lot of money at the trade-in. It is quite costly to have them fixed by a panel beater, but there are companies that can massage the smaller dents out, which will have your car back to looking great in next to no time, and cost a lot less!

Get Small Glass ‘Stars’ Repaired

If there are any small ‘stars’ of cracks in the windscreen it’s a really good idea to have them repaired by a glass specialist. Small cracks or ‘stars’ often turn into larger cracks so it’s a really good idea to get them removed. For info about loans for your new car check out Dreamloans.

Throwback Thursday: 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

The 2014 Chicago Auto Show was opened to the press today, and on Saturday will be open to the public at the impressive McCormick Place in frigid Chicago. There are tons of great new cars worth seeing, but this vintage Ford Mustang caught our attention right away. It’s billed as the first Ford Mustang Convertible ever sold. You’ll see the all-new 2015 Mustang right next to it as well.

Cold weather depresses January auto sales

2013 Ford Ranger

The weather has been bone chilling all across the country so far in 2014, and many automakers are blaming weaker than expected auto sales on the chilly temperatures.

Four of the top five U.S. auto sellers on Monday blamed extreme winter weather for poorer-than-expected sales in January, as analysts and executives predicted a rebound in February and March.

U.S. automakers Ford Motor Co and General Motors Co as well as Japan’s Toyota Motor Sales USA and American Honda Motor Co saw auto sales plummet in January, missing analysts’ estimates for the month.

Sales results were mixed for other companies and brands, with Chrysler Group, a unit of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Nissan North America reporting increases and topping forecasts.

Total industry sales in January, as compiled by Reuters from the manufacturers, fell 3.1 percent to 1,011,188.

Tye folks at Chrysler took the opportunity to crow a bit that the weather only affected their competitors, but having spent some time in Ohio in January, I’m not suprised by these disappointing results. Let’s see what happens in February and March.

New 2015 Corvette ZO6 is a beast

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

The Detroit Auto Show has had plenty of cars generating buzz, but the all-new 2015 Corvette ZO6 is getting plenty of well-deserved attention. The new Corvette Stingray is impressive on its own, particularly with the ZR1 package. But now track afficionados will have even more performance with the new ZO6. This is now a well-established tradition with Corvette and it’s a natural addition to the new C7 lineup. For the money, you won’t get better performance anywhere in comparison to the Corvette lineup of cars. The ZO6 starts to rival some of the supercars out there.

Many of the modifications might appear to be subtle but they help to create incremental improvements in performance. You’ll see some minor changes to the exterior of the Corvette, including a wider back side. But it looks very similar to the Stingray.

If you love sports cars, see this one in person and then set up an appointment to drive the ZO6 along with the Stingrays. You’ll come away impressed.

Top 3 Best Car Racing Games

As we enter a new era of gaming marked by next generation consoles and games pushing the video game industry to new limits, we find a new way to test our limits on the track. Whether you’re just interested in driving around with different cars and exploring a city or prefer to put your racing skills to the test, there are so many adrenaline-pumping car games at your disposal. Here are 10 of the most popular racing and car games, overall, for you to check out this year. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Forza Motorsport 5

It’s no surprise that one if video gaming’s biggest racing titles is at the top of this list, but for good reason: the Forza series has for years maintained a reputation as being one of the best racing titles out there, and that’s because it’s not just a video game, but a racing simulator. From choosing from hundreds of cars to famous tracks around the world, it’s the next best thing after actually being behind the wheel.
For Top Gear fans, you’ll be happy to hear that the narrations of the game come from James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond. It just goes to show you how spot on Forza 5 is! The Xbox One console did an amazing job publishing and releasing Forza Motorsport 5 this past summer and you’ll be impressed at the amount of detail that has been put into each of the 200 cars (from over 50 different manufacturers). With a range of beautiful circuits, you’ll be busy for some time to come!

Gran Turismo 6

Since gran Turismo 5, many of the gamer issues have been resolved. While the graphics remains top notch as always, the menu screens have become a lot more easier on the eyes, the car assortment (premium/standard) has been improved greatly, and when you crash – there will be a much more realistic and cool sound  If you’re looking to race, GT6 is one of the best racing simulators out there (available on Playstation). It comes packed with 1,200 different vehicles, 37 locations, 100 different track layouts. Plus, you can get further into detail with 70 types of wheel design … per car!

Unique to GT6, it also features a festival called “Vision Gran Turismo,” which featured concept cars designed specifically for the game. Don’t miss this inspiring feature.


For PC Gamers, iRacing is considered definitely one of the very top racing games available online. What makes this game stand out apart from the others is its unique racing community of players and 3rd party sites and developers. Trading Paints, which hosts custom paint deals, for example, helps to provide customizable features to the cars in the game and members create their own “league” (for $10/year) and organize their own online sessions and races.

Not surprisingly, iRacing caters mostly to real-world racers and serious enthusiasts because of its realistic simulation and third party involvement. The only downside is that there is a subscription fee for members and upgrading cars does cost money as well.

If you’re looking to try out new cars (including concept cars), some of the best games are available on consoles, online, or even on your mobile device. Testing out cars and getting behind the wheel has never felt more realistic and the technology promises to continue to advance.