Be prepared: what you must remember in case of a car accident

While most people will be lucky enough to make it through their entire motoring lives without being in a car accident, it is still important for drivers to be prepared should the worst happen and a crash occurs. If you’re in a crash and there is even a hint that you could be held responsible, the first thing to do is seek legal advice from a reputable firm such as GC Traffic Lawyers. This will ensure you and your family are protected from any long-term financial burdens that could result from the accident.

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Appraising a New Approach to Finance Leasing

2014 Chevrolet SS

While it may sound like yet another generic, business term, asset financing is something that holds genuine value in the world of entrepreneurship and business start-ups. It essentially refers to capital that is released to start-ups by lenders, for the purpose of investing in assets that will help them to execute their business plan. Whether this is a new computer or a commercial fleet, it is a necessary investment that enables your business to accumulate wealth and generate revenue.

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Buyer Beware: 5 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

2009 Saturn Sky X09ST_SK009

Buying a used car can be very exciting and a good way to save money. As exciting as it is to buy and drive a car that you really want, it can also be very expensive if you purchase a mechanically inferior car, spend more than you can afford or do not account for necessary expenses, such as insurance, registration, maintenance and other costs that come with running a car. Read on to discover the five things that should be foremost in your mind before buying your new car.

1. Know your budgetary limits

First, you need to work out how much you can spend. As well as the purchase price of the car, ongoing costs including registration, insurance and mechanical maintenance should be factored in. To purchase a vehicle, many buyers need finance in the form of a car loan and it’s important to shop around get the best rate and loan conditions possible. It can be worthwhile and very reassuring to seek professional advice regarding loan options; try consulting specialists in car loans and finance such as Dreamloans

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How a BMW Z4 Becomes a Z4 GT3


Ever since its release in 2010, the Z4 GT3 has received almost universal praise from motorsport drivers and motorsport fans alike. But, just how different is it to the comparable road version? Let’s take a look…

Tuned and altered to meet GT3 regulations, the Z4 GT3 can compete in the FIA GT3 European Championship, the International GT Open or the ADAC GT Masters – as well as at 24-hour endurance races.

In itself, the production model of the GT4 is already highly impressive, standing out from the crowd on any street corner due to its elongated bonnet, flared wheel arches and long wheel base. In many ways, the styling and production of the GT4 make it the perfect car for GT3 production, allowing BMW to keep the car as true to the original as possible, while still creating a more than competent GT3 racing car.

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What Can You Really Fit in a Tool Box?

Unless you’re one of these guys, chances are you’re going to end up with a lot more tools than you ever will cars. By now you’ve likely moved on from that little red box you started with to something with a lot more space. Not content with just sticking a few socket wrenches and a screwdriver in there, the folks over at SGS Engineering decided to be a little more creative with the contents of their tool boxes and really test the limits of what they could get in there.

After finding they could fit just over seventy cans of Coca Cola in a regular fold-up, they moved on to stuffing 569 DVDs in an eight-drawer cabinet, and, of course, being Brits they just couldn’t help but finish off by seeing how many cans of baked beans they could cram in a monster, thirty-three drawer cabinet (it was 1,238, for the record).

Check out the full list to see all oddities they tried and give us your best estimates for any other items in the comments. Have any ideas about new tests they could try? Tweet them some suggestions or find them on Facebook.