5 Safety Tips to Prevent a Car Accident


Even if you’re an experienced driver, you have as much chance of getting into some strife on the road as those who haven’t been driving as long. Here are a few simple safety tips that may help you avoid an accident.

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Do Not Mix Casino And Cars

roulette table and players

It is an issue that many people might not have thought of. You don’t read about casinos and cars in relation to each other quite often. However, the recent incidents have made it big news and even bigger concern for people. If you like to gamble and have a family then you need to pay extra attention on this. If you don’t gamble, you should still know about this problem so you can educate gamblers on the matter. People have been leaving their children unattended their cars while enjoying their gambling in the casinos. This has resulted in deaths and on most cases arrests for parents who showed this negligence.

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Cool Corvette video based on classic commercial

Our friends at The Awesomer had access to a 2015 Corvette Stingray Z51 for baseball’s All-Star Game in Cincinnati, so they decided to take the opportunity to remake a classic 1970’s Chevy commercial. Check out this awesome video!

What to consider when getting insurance for a new car

2013 BMW X5

When you purchase a new car, it is a legal requirement to have car insurance in place if you want to drive on UK roads, otherwise you risk facing a huge fine and penalty points. But there are several things to consider when getting a new car insurance policy to ensure you get the best deal. Today, Call Wiser explains everything you need to know.

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How to Protect Your New Car from Harsh Weather


Protection from the elements should be among the first things you think about when bringing your new car home from the dealership, especially if you live in an area prone to especially harsh weather. Temperature extremes, inclement weather and storms can all pose a serious threat to your expensive new vehicle – inside and out – and so steps must be taken to ensure its safety and protection. Luckily, these steps are really straightforward.

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